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Online shop案例 we assume you are invited to design an online shop for a public school, which sells lunch food and uniforms to year K-6 students

In this assignment, we assume you are invited to design an online shop for a public school, which sells lunch food and uniforms to year K-6 students. You also need to implement some initial functions.

Do and enjoy it.

Techniques to be used:
JavaScript at client side
PHP at server side
database at server side
cookies and/or sessions
Basic functionality: Online shop案例
(1) Registration:
A user needs to provide mandatory personal information for registration. The information includes username, password, full name, living address (an address in Australia only, including street number, street name, suburb/city, state and postcode), email address, the student’s name, class (note a family can have more than one child enrolled in the school), and credit card information.

The entered information should be validated before being submitted to the Web server. This can include the length of credit card number (we suppose 10 digits only), the expiry date, post code (i.e. 4 digits), and email address. A password should start with a letter and contain at least 1 number. The password contains totally 6-10 letters and numbers.

(2) Registration Notification:
After successful registration, an email (#1) is sent to the user (parent) for notification. The email includes the all children’s names, classes, username and some information for confirming registration. The sender’s email address should be your MQ email address (you are the shop owner).

(3) Login, Browse and Order:
Only a registered user can browse lunch food/drinks and uniforms after logging into the system.

After successful login, the shop web page displays the student’s name and class information. The web page also provides links to lunch food/drinks and uniforms respectively. For each item available in the shop, provide a name, a picture, and the price. All product information except the picture should be read from the server side database. There should be at least 5 items in each category of “lunch food/drinks” and “uniforms”. A user can select items and add them to Order Pad (a kind of shopping cart). Note that each lunch food/drink item can be ordered for a day within a week (i.e. if today is Monday, oders can be placed for Monday to Friday). Orders for the current weekday can be placed by 10am.

(4) Order Pad (shopping cart) Management:
A user should be able to see all items in the Order Pad, change the amount of an item, and delete any item. The total price of all items in the shopping cart is automatically calculated and displayed.

(5) Checkout:
The user can order all the items added to the Order Pad. If the user confirms the order by clicking a button (e.g. “Checkout” button), an email (#2) is sent to the user including the list of ordered items, as well as the total cost.

(6) Logoff:
The user can log off, after which the user cannot roll back to the previous log-in status by clicking the “Back” button of the web browser.

Notes: Online shop案例
1.In system design,
give meaningful names to webpages and tables, e.g., registration.html. This improves readability. In implementation, avoid such filenames and use some filenames that can hardly be estimated. This is helpful to protect your client side scripts (JavaScript) from being disclosed to other people who know your student id. Your id is used as your folder’s name on web server spider.

2.On each web page,
write “COMP344 Assignment 1 2019” + your name+ your student id in 3 lines clearly at the upper-left corner. It is essential for marking. You can name your own system but don’t use a logo of any existing system. Otherwise your system will be taken as a phishing system. Note your submission will be running on spider and will be available to the public for access.

3.We assume a 10-digit number only for ANY type of credit card.
We should NOT ask the user to enter any real credit card info as this will disclose their sensitive information.

4.In each email sent to the user,
the sender’s name (your full name) and student ID should appear at the end of the email. This is important for marking.

Evaluation Online shop案例
Your system should be set up on the platypus server under your account. You should fill in the file “addresses.html” and provide the FULL URLs of your system web pages at spider.

Markers will open your report, access your system online and evaluate it from their computers/browsers.

The marking criteria can be found here. Read it carefully.
In this phase, you need to implement validation in registration (3 marks), registration confirmation (2 marks), login (3 marks), after which a user can see some simple product information with options for components, and logoff (1 mark). Each webpage and email notification should contain “COMP344 Assignment 1, 2019” + “your full name” + “student ID” (1 mark).

Note some complex functionality, e.g., shopping cart management, will be implemented in Assignment 2.
Fill in the file “addresses.html” to provide the URLs of your system webpages @ platypus. Generate “” to include “addresses.html” and all your finished html and php files. Submit “” to iLearn.

The assessment criteria can be found here. Markers will open your submitted document, access your system at platypus and assess it from their computers/browsers. Your system should be accessible on platypus. Some scripts may be checked locally.

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