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Open the XML
Read/Process the data of the XML
Save the data in the MySQL database (can be one or more datatables)

Unit and integration tests should be
Youcan use any existing PHP platform (symfony, laravel, zend, ). /PHP7.x + laravel5.X
Feel free to use any library or your preferred framework, but the business logic of the application should be decoupled as much as possible from libraries and
The service must require authentication and allow read/store the XML
Using Redis will be a nice to have.
A simple user interface to try the service will be a nice to
do not need a Frontend for the script, only that it can process the XML

When you finish it, send me the source code of the script, as well as a backup of the generated database, or the structure of the table or tables you use。

ABout Laravel
Laravel is a PHP-based Web open source framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It uses MVC’s architectural model and officially released its first version in June 2011 – this is Laravel’s first Commit. Thanks to Laravel’s excellent features such as Rails agile development, the deep integration of PHP’s powerful Composer ecosystem and the vast audience of PHP developers has allowed Laravel to grow extremely rapidly in just a few years after its release. We can see from the trend graph provided by Google Trends (Figure 1.1) that the Laravel framework has grown the fastest in all kinds of PHP frameworks in the past seven years, which directly reflects Laravel’s Strong, and its future is very promising.